Why Did Facebook Acquire WhatsApp?

Why Did Facebook Acquire WhatsApp?

Feb 23, 2014


In a shocking deal, Facebook has announced the acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion leaving a strong question of why this deal has occurred now. The acquisition has been announced without any prior notice of deals taking place, which was quite shocking for WhatsApp users who are unable to figure out how Facebook acquisition would affect the use of the most popular messaging app. What is more mysterious is why Facebook has spent that enormous sum of money to buy a messaging app, while it is the most used social network worldwide. Does people really start to refrain Facebook in order to have a small share of privacy aside from social networks publicity? WhatsApp has an extraordinary growth since its launch, that it now reached 450 million active users, while the population of its registered users has exceeded Twitter’s population.


While Facebook has released its messenger as an independent application to be one of the fierce messaging apps’ rival, it did not achieve any notable success for users. Nonetheless, by the end of 2013, WhatsApp has been recorded to be the most used messaging app in USA, South Africa, Indonesia, China and Brazil.


2013 has marked the refrain of US teen from using Facebook in favor of instant messaging apps topped by WhatsApp.


With using the users’ information in advertisements and changing the privacy policy every now and then, the users started to find alternatives for Facebook that would guarantee more restricted privacy policy, which was messaging apps. Acquiring WhatsApp is an attempt from Facebook to dominate the market. The future is apparently for instant messaging apps and Facebook wants to be part of this future.

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