Getting Hired via Twitter

Getting Hired via Twitter

Sep 5, 2012







If we have scared you before with How Social Media Can Get You Fired, Today we bring out the positive side of social media career-wise, because just as not making the smartest choices on your profile can cost you a job, following the right steps can land you one!

We live in a digital world; today’s jobs are anything but traditional and so have become the hiring methods. Among the vastly increasing services Twitter can do for you, getting hired via Twitter is as popular as any other way.

As an employer, why waste time creating a paper ad and receiving a heap of irrelevant applications from candidates who may or may not have the required qualifications, when I can pin whoever I see perfect for the post in mind from Twitter, make sure they have what it takes for the job description, contact him/her within seconds, and voila! I have an employee? It’s easier, less expensive, and more accurate.

You Are What You Tweet

It’s no magic, however; to have a good chance of being picked by a company among thousands with your qualifications on Twitter, your page should be speaking on your behalf, after all this is the first thing your potential employer sees and might be the most important part of your hiring process. The online personality you built on the social network matters very much this time, and might be one of the factors taken into consideration in determining whether or not you get the available post.

Now that you’ve deleted your old rants and jokes about your horrible ex-boss, connecting with recruiters and employers who are active on Twitter is the next step. Research the companies that you might be interested in and interact with their accounts.


Use Hashtags

Organizing your tweets and adding related hashtags to your field of experience make your posts more professional and interesting. It most probably will even start conversations around the subject which allows you to build a business network of your own.

“I wasn’t even posting about needing a job” is a popular saying by some people who got hired through Twitter. It mostly starts with the interested employer noticing your tweets or a third person recommends you to a job, all because of your tweets.

With that in mind, it also helps if you use some hashtags in your tweets such as #job or #jobhunt.


Social media was never more “virtual worldly” than today. Everything you wish to do in real life, you can do it much easier and faster on social media. Sticking by traditional ways to follow your dream job opportunity may not get you far enough eventually. Nurture you internet persona, and that dream job might come for you.

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